How to Cut a Cantaloupe

1 May

There are certain kitchen activities that seem so simple, but when you go to do them yourself, you have no idea where to start. I had this exact problem after impulse buying a cantaloupe the other day.

I pulled it out of the fridge ready to chow down and realized I had no idea how to cut it. After some quick googling, I found my answer and easily broke it down into bite size pieces.

Since my lack of cantaloupe cutting knowledge was almost a catastrophe, I wanted to share the steps just in case you find yourself in a similar predicament.

Step 1: Cut cantaloupe in half from top to bottom.

Cantaloupe Halves

Step 2: Scoop out inner seeds and discard.

Cantaloupe Seeds

Step 3: Cut each half into four strips.

Cantaloupe Slices

Step 4: Carefully remove cantaloupe flesh from skin.

Cantaloupe De-Skinned

Step 5: Once cantaloupe is de-skinned, cut into bite sided chunks.

Cantaloupe Pieces

Step 6: Place cantaloup pieces in a Tupperware container and eat as desired.
Cantaloupe in Tupperware

Not too hard right? I’ve also learned that you can peel the cantaloupe first with a large knife, then go through these same steps. This way might be easier because it saves you the time of de-skinning individual slices. Try out both and let me know which you prefer!

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