Cooking in My Mother’s Kitchen

21 Jul
Mom's Kitchen

My Mom’s Kitchen

I recently graduated from college. Whoohoo! Right now, I have a job in my hometown and am saving some money by living with my parents (Thanks Mom and Dad).

Although living at home has numerous benefits, I do miss having my own kitchen. Krusty wasn’t an optimal cooking environment by any stretch, but it was mine. I knew where we stored the Cayenne pepper, which were the old eggs and the new eggs, and how many dishes I could pile into the sink before they toppled over.

My new kitchen space is more of an enigma. On the bright side, it’s clean, fully stocked, and the stove is level. I guess I can’t be too upset.

Mom Cooking

My Mom preparing to make Chicken and Seafood Paella (She’s fancy like that)

Since I’ll be transitioning into a new cooking environment, Cooking On Empty will also be in a state of flux.

My new mission is to figure out how to cook in my mother’s kitchen. My mom is an amazing cook and the captain of her galley. She makes dinner every night and spends every Saturday whipping up all types of dishes.

With that said, it’s now my goal to maneuver her kitchen and create my own recipes without stepping on any toes.

Don’t worry though, Cooking On Empty won’t change too much. I’m no longer a college student, but I am still on a mission to make better meals with little time, money, and experience. Plus, I promise to only post quick and simple recipes. Just because I have a fancy new kitchen, doesn’t mean I’ll be making fancy new food.

Welcome to the new phase of Cooking On Empty! I hope you enjoy it.

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