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Cooking in My Mother’s Kitchen

21 Jul
Mom's Kitchen

My Mom’s Kitchen

I recently graduated from college. Whoohoo! Right now, I have a job in my hometown and am saving some money by living with my parents (Thanks Mom and Dad).

Although living at home has numerous benefits, I do miss having my own kitchen. Krusty wasn’t an optimal cooking environment by any stretch, but it was mine. I knew where we stored the Cayenne pepper, which were the old eggs and the new eggs, and how many dishes I could pile into the sink before they toppled over.

My new kitchen space is more of an enigma. On the bright side, it’s clean, fully stocked, and the stove is level. I guess I can’t be too upset.

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My Kitchen and its Limited Accoutrements

21 Feb

I live in a college owned off-campus house. The tenants before me were three frat boys who nicknamed the house Krusty. Sadly, the name stuck, so I live in Krusty with my two and a half roommates and one especially stinky cat (whose name is un-creatively Stinky).

The Cooking On Empty Kitchen

The Cooking On Empty Kitchen

I love Krusty and my favorite part is the kitchen. The kitchen is equal in size to our living room and triple the size of my bedroom. It’s nothing special, but after being condemned to communal galley kitchens for the past three years, I’ll take anything.

As you can see from my masterful pictorial representation, my kitchen is not, by any stretch, pretty. It has limited counter and cooking space, which is mostly due to the fact that the counter and sink are constantly overflowing with clean-dirty hybrid dishes.

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